The Santa Monica mountains are hot and dry.  The Salomon Hydration Pack carried plenty of water, but it was hot.  I think that particular bladder/pack is going to have to wait until winter runs.  Plus the bladder is hard to clean.  You have to clean out the hose as well.

I tried carrying two handheld water bottles, but I think I like having my hands free in case I take a spill or have to do some scrambling.  Last weekend, I ran out of water mid run holding one bottle, so that was not good.

So now I will try the bottle + belt option to see if this will be a good compromise, especially for shorter 10-20 mile runs in warm weather.  After a few hours of research, I settled on the AltrAspire Impulse.  It seems like it has a good weight to cargo ratio.

The test will be this weekend for a 12 mile run.  Going to press it a little harder to see how the belt holds up bouncing with the uneven terrain.  I need to be running harder anyway now otherwise I won’t improve.

A detailed review after Sunday’s run.

DSC03690 DSC03691 DSC03692 DSC03698